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About Us

The Lenders Alliance is neither a mortgage lender nor a mortgage broker. The Lenders Alliance does not offer loans of any type. The Lenders Alliance is a free informational website that is aimed at helping consumers understand the mortgage process. The Lender Alliances mission statement is to make the home buying process easier and more transparent for everyone.

The Lenders Alliance is group of lenders that have banded together to offer each client a personalized mortgage experience service regardless of the client’s credit profile.

By requesting information, you will have local market Alliance lenders contact you that will offer their lending expertise and help you craft a solution for your mortgage needs. These local Alliance lenders actually want to hear your story, so they can help with your financing needs. The Alliance members are so dedicated to proving great service to their clients, that if an Alliance member cannot help you then they try their hardest to find a Lender that will make the loan!

The Lenders Alliance matches you with multiple Alliance lenders in your local market, so you can have the best possible lender experience that is based on your individual mortgage loan needs. The Alliance was formed to cater to home buyers that often do not know where to start the home buying process nor understand it. The Alliance is large network of lenders that have pooled their vast knowledge bases and are ready and willing to help you with your loan needs. The Alliance Lenders will also assist in other ways such as if you do not have a Real estate agent, Insurance agent, or Title Attorney, they can referral you to one of many local agency’s in your area, that are only interested in doing business the Alliance way!

We do not collect personal information

We are only a mortgage lender informational and  referral service. We will not ask for any personal information ever from you like a social security number or date of birth. We will not pull a credit report or do any credit qualifying for a loan. We simply collect your basic contact information and some details about the home you would like and an estimate of your credit score. This limited information provided will allow us to best match you with Alliance lenders that specialize in your current situation. The Alliance lenders will then contact you by phone or email to  discuss how they offer a

Free personalized mortgage consultation.

Please take a minute and  Fill out our simple form to be referred to your own personal Alliance Lender!!

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